What Others Say

Stormy seas..

“Carey led our team of executives to resolve our ongoing and very emotionally charged multi-year disagreement... and did so in less than 6 weeks! She was hired to help us develop and put in place an agreement for our organization, within a very short timeframe, and which we did accomplish. I highly recommend her for any organization needing help with team building and goal achievement, especially those situations involving complex issues.”

Bryan Campbell, FAAMSE

Chief Executive Officer at Colorado Medical Society*

...to calm and peace

"I’ve witnessed Carey working in very challenging environments, with extremely challenging individuals and complicated situations. She forms immediate, trusting relationship with anyone, sizes up a situation quickly, and can get people to work and cooperate with each other. Carey is a creative, caring individual who has everyone’s best interests at heart. “

Cindi Shutt
Project Coordinator, Sr. at Xcel Energy/Select Source International