Meeting the Staff



During conflict negotiations, facilitating a conversation to reach an understanding of all parties concerns can be a very  difficult process for any organization.  Mediation is an opportunity for agreements to be reached and forward movement to be achieved!

Utilizing an outside, neutral 3rd party who is formally trained and experienced in this practice can present an added layer of trust and positivity to the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process.

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Team Meeting


Is your organization experiencing problems reaching  a goal?  Are there teams that run into problems working together and possibly falling short on project assignments ?

Are there workplace departments, divisions, or business partners who struggle to cross team lines to work seemlessly together?      

Have repetitve ways of working together caused creative stagnation?                                                    

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 Scales of Justice


Arbitration is a wonderful resource to utilize for third party decison making where new or ongoing conflicts within an organization need to be resolved.

Does your situation require a swift decision based upon all parties input, and made by someone outside of your organization?

Do you need to put in place actionionable items?

Could this be a situation where the result needs to be legally upheld and binding?

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Navigating in Woods


Presenting a fresh perspective and direction for staff organizational issues and concerns -especially one that include out-of-the box, creative, and strategic elements- is one of my passions!

Prior to becoming a Professional Mediator and Arbitrator, my career as a Sales Director in Telecommunications and IT  spanned over 25  successful and very satisfying years.  All of my team's annual sales revenues tracked consistent growth as a result of the relationships that were fostored, team building opportunities captured, and an ever present reliance on incorporating innovative processes and procedures with all product and service offerings. 

As a Consultant, I can provide guidance to your staff and business alliance partners in a multitude of areas including and not limited to:

-Inclusive Leadership (Certified Catalyst Facilitator)

-Retention of Employees

-Employee Experience (EX)

-Individual Employee Development, including Human Design Mapping (Level II Certification)

-Customized Team Facilitations and Team Building Strategies

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