This is a pivotal time for individuals in any environment to face conflicts in their dealings with others.

Differences of opinion among co-workers, management, divisions, C suite, business associates and all company partnerships can create unnecssary tension, and over time, can create underlying sustained

stress and chaotic situations throughout the company, and with substantial negative outcomes.  

Mediation by an impartial third party is an optimal resource used to dismantle tensions, assists in personalizing each individual's problem resolution, and can lead to more open and healthier relationships between partners and throughout your business circle.


Facilitation is a process that differs from mediation in that the parties have a goal to be reached, they are at an impasse though not necessarily in conflict with one another, and the process leader does not need to maintain a neutral position with participants.

 Workplace facilitations are wonderful opportunities to break away from actions and habits that no longer move groups towards goal achievment, and can identify and address commonplace areas that have become detrimental to the group's  interaction with one another.

This process encourages all group members to participate in developing tactics and solutions that ultimately lead to goal attainment and an understanding of  how to work together successful on future projects.  


Arbitration is used by businesses when all alternatives to finding a resolution to a conflict have been exhausted.

Arbitration, which is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), is also a way to resolve disputes outside the judiciary courts.

With this alternative, the dispute will be decided solely by the third party

Arbitrator. After hearing from all designated parties, the Arbitrator will make the final judgement, and advise follow up actions to be taken.

While an arbitration decision or award is legally binding on both sides and enforceable in the courts, businesses may turn to this course of action solely as a way to resolve an internal issue.


Hello, my name is Carey, an experienced business consultant who specializes in creative solutions that help drive your business forward. Assisting CSuite, Executives, Managers, employees, and partners I help businesses scale and succeed through Workplace Mediation, structured Facilitations, and Workplace Arbitration. For the past 30 years, I’ve assisted businesses with all levals of staff and employee job satisfaction, organizational growth, and scaling by shifting and optimizing individual and team mindset.

I use:
✔ Conflict resolution to dismantle and dissolve issues and improve staff morale. As your Workplace Mediator, I accelerate the opportunity for communication and problem resolution. As an extension of your business, I will ease conversations of conflict (I specialize in high conflict issues) and help you resolve the controversy. As an outside, impartial third party I relieve the employer's direct involvement in the dispute.

✔Creative solutions through Faciliation that address goal(s) stagnation to increase sales, business growth and opportunities. Humans are complex and have a set of underlying beliefs and thus responses that can prevent them from achieving their full potential and company goals. My job is to identify the underlying issues within a team and to tailor a solution that unlocks creative business growth strategies that suit your team’s unique identity. As your Facilitator, I give team members the tools they need to build creative solutions for successful outcomes.

✔ Arbitration, as a legally binding onsite solution for business decisions. Humans are complex and as such, so are the differences in their opinions and approaches with one another. When there is a block between employees, where a decision must be made, arbitration provides a solution without the need for court or legal involvement. As your Workplace Arbitrator, I provide a simplified business ruling and final decision for the matter at hand, based upon an onsite hearing with the company's designated parties.

Work with me and achieve the following results for your business:
✔ Reduction of Staff Stress that increases overall productivity,
✔ Improved Conflict Resolution that improves overall employee morale and focus
✔ Improved Business Revenue through goal attainment which leads to growth and scalability
✔ Improved Staff Relationships and Work Environment that leads to a reduction in employee turnover, sick days
✔ Proactive and Preventative program to encourage postive Social Media reviews by current and past employees
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“Carey led our team of executives to resolve our ongoing and very emotionally charged multi-year disagreement... and did so in less than 6 weeks! She was hired to help us develop and put in place an agreement for our organization, within a very short timeframe, and which we did accomplish. I highly recommend her for any organization needing help with team building and goal achievement, especially those situations involving complex issues.”

Bryan Campbell, FAAMSE

Chief Executive Officer at Colorado Medical Society